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The Sheet Metal Experts

Delve into the story of Unitech Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd, the undeniable experts in the realm of sheet metal. Specializing in manufacturing parts for tractors and motorcycles, Unitech has established a sterling reputation for quality, precision, and innovation. They’ve taken the art of shaping metals to new heights, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of auto parts manufacturing. Journey with us as we unpack their advanced manufacturing process, their commitment to industry-leading standards, and the critical role they play in sustaining the robust machinery of the world’s tractors and motorcycles.

Providing Top-Quality Parts and Unparalleled Service

Company Vision

To rise above the ordinary through technology transfer, hard work, innovation, and team work.

Company Mission

Unitech manufactures automotive products which deliver superior measurable values to our business partners with high quality, competitive cost, and timely delivery. We do more than the others do!

Quality Policy

We at Unitech are committed to excel by providing quality automotive products, through standardized processes and loyal customer service at nationally competitive prices. We are dedicated to achieve this by continuous improvement, drawing conformance, and 5S implementation. We Value engineering with participation, empowerment, innovation and motivation of all members in healthy and safe environment.

Provide Facilities

Equipped with cutting-edge technology to support our robust production processes. Our facilities range from automatic and robotic manufacturing lines for superior efficiency to specialized welding departments for high-quality craftsmanship. Our continuous investment in modern machinery and tools, including diverse mechanical and hydraulic presses, CNC pipe bending machines, and Automatic Robotic Welding, allows us to deliver the finest products in the industry.

Unitech employs a diverse range of mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 500 tons, processing raw materials on high-capacity automatic lines capable of producing 40,000 pieces daily. We utilize durable, special material moulds, and apply progressive and compound moulds wherever possible for enhanced efficiency in high volume production.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Unitech Auto’s production includes automatic pipe cutting, CNC pipe bending, and automatic pipe chamfering and knurling, processing up to 20 lengths at once for high volume parts. Our advanced CNC and NC pipe bending machines minimize human involvement, ensuring the precision of our products, sourced from the finest pipe mills in Pakistan.

At Unitech, we’ve transitioned to Automatic Robotic Welding, ensuring superior quality and aesthetic appeal in our welded parts. With in-house robot production and plans for full shift to robotic welding by 2023, we excel in various welding techniques, from MIG, TIG, Brazing, to Spot, Seam, ARC, Projection, and Robotic CO2 welding. Our dedicated development section has automated TIG & MIG welding on our products using Special Purpose Machines.

Manufacture Parts of Motorcycles and Tractors

We collaborate passionately with leading manufacturers of motorcycles and tractors, providing them with top-notch, precision-engineered components. Our work fuels the heart of these powerful machines, playing a crucial role in the production of vehicles that traverse roads and fields across the globe.

Around the World

We proudly serve a specialized clientele that includes leading Motorcycle and Tractor Manufacturers. Our products form the backbone of their production, offering premium quality parts designed for optimal performance and durability.